TFTD. (Thought for the day). Written by myself unless otherwise noted.

328.   "Oversight is useless, if it is Fox's watching Fox's watching the Henhouse."

327.   "Free is to Capitalism as truth is to Fascism."

326.   "Communism as historically implemented around the globe, is nothing more than anti-capitalistic Fascism, not to be confused with Marxism."

325.   “Biden family potential crimes are not the Squatter’s innocence.”

324.    “Homosexuality at its core, is anti-life. The beauty and nuisances of heterosexual attraction for the purpose of perpetuating the species, is twisted and perverted back onto itself for gratification only. No offspring, by the numbers. Whether the cause is genetic, modern man’s deliberate toxification of himself with endocrine disrupting pesticides and herbicides or other chemicals, introduced into the human food chain, the result is this social deviant group. Deviant social groups are not a rare commodity in the human species. Pedophiles, Sociopaths, Schizophrenics, Psychotics, and any one of a dozen social “abnormalities” are basically the result of organic life not being able to get it “right” every time, by internal cause or externalities.

These deviant groups are used by the power structures either as a scapegoat for problems or as a divider of society by claiming normality. Both serve the same end goal, the rise of Fascism. Fascism must have a bogie-man and it must divide to conquer. Deviant social groups, along with basic human species differences, color, ethnicity, religion and language all of course are on the table as fodder for the Fascist cannon. The societal sadness is the “the people” keep falling for the same tricks, over and over again. They just don’t see the con for wealth acquisition and power.”

323.   "Ok, this was a joke I created in response to a Green Hydrogen article:

"Two Helium Atoms walk into a bar, separately. The first one sits down on an electrolyzer bar stool. The second sits down on one, a few stools down. The bartender walks over to the first one and asks, "what do you want to drink". The first one stares as if unenthused and complacent and says, "I guess I will have a Vodka straight up, no ice, no fruit". The bar tender makes the drink and gives it to him. The bartender then walks over to the second Atom. "And what would you like to drink.” The second Atom looks like the first, but then a smile comes to his face. "I will have a Long Island Iced Tea, with everything!". The bartender makes his drink and gives it to him. A few moments pass and the first Atom looks over at the second Atom and says, "SO, exactly what do you think is going to happen here..."

323. “It is an absolute must, a must; in order for Fascism to come to fruition via populism or other vector, that there be a communication vehicle for the masses to be lied to in huge swaths simultaneously. It is only with the repetition of lies on a grand scale, that the people will be indoctrinated in sufficient numbers, to achieve the end result. AS Joseph Goebbels stated so eloquently:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

In the USA, this very process is playing out today, far surpassing the huge nighttime rallies Hitler used to give with their simplistic PA audio address equipment. The level of sophistication on the table today, would make those decayed Fascists salivate with wrought jealously, and verbal thoughts of, “If I had only possessed such devices….”"

322.   "Organized Religion is the ultimate expression of man's incredible arrogance."

321.   "The "State" due to it's very nature, can NEVER render or deliver personal justice."

320.   "From Hell's fiery mouth can come illusions of Gold and grandeur, and occasionally tainted truth."

319.   "By volume, it is far, far easier for the Universe to NOT have life than it is to have."

318.   "People believe the truth to be that which the opposite IS HELD accountable for."

317.   "Libertarian is just another word for Fascism umbrellaed under Capitalism."

316.   "Hos First."

315.   "Law in the absence of truth, reason, logic, ethics and morality equals Fascism."

314.   "Fascism and Capitalism are two sides of the same coin".

313.   "Sex is a doorway."

312.   "Passivism is a steroid for the continuance of an action."

311.   "War is a gift that just keeps on giving."

310.     "So you drank Satin's Kool-Aid. What do you want me to do about it?"

309.     "Invention is the rocket fuel that propels man technologically forward, for                                    better or worse."

308.   "Promoting the idea that it is not good to dwell on the past, is just an excuse                 for feeling impotent about changing the present or future."

307.   "Pursuing and attempting to prosecute victim’s is the non-work of a lazy brain               and broken system."

306.   "You don't need to descend into Hell to send the message of Heaven."

305.  “The runner up to pure evil is siloed intelligence”.

304.  "Plagiarism is the act of copying without reference. It is not the creation of inventing a grammar sequence uniquely, that happens to be the same as something else already out there. Unfortunately the latter is what is labeled as plagiarism by the popular "plagiarism" software packages, and used as support for such accusations. This practice is a lie and lacks the basic component of truth and attention to logic."

303.  "Beautiful women know they are beautiful"

302.  "Hammers see nails not screws".

301. "The feeling of Time, is a necessary "sense" for organic life to exist. It is as such a human thing. There is only the Present. How far down this function is "felt" in organic life forms is an interesting question. For us, memory allows this function to be felt. As such, time travel is simply a human thing to think of, feel or think exists, but really is not possible."

300. “Cause and effect in our universe, are more often than not, multi vectored. A simple example is death. Everybody dies. No one (Hopefully) would ever suggest that guns do not cause death, because death occurred before guns were invented, therefore, they bring nothing to the equation regarding such. That literally would be logically absurd even for a 6th grader (In a Good School). However, it seems of late that such ridiculous attempted constructs are being used to play the denial game for a whole host of different agendas. The “in common” thread for all these perversions seems to be denial and obfuscation for the purpose of normalizing the abnormal across a whole host of social groups and inorganic cause and effect relationships. Climate change (Global warming) is certainly a big favorite on the inorganic side (Thermal processes, etc.) and social deviant groups on the human side. The skewing, bending and twisting of truth for agendas is always wrong. The above 6th grader illogical sequence I spoke of, I simply refer to as the, “All or none deception.”

299. “Deviant social groups and their members should never get a “status change” or a free get out of jail card, just because an entity with Fascistic desires and motivations has used them as an excuse, blaming all the world’s problems on them for their own advancement, be it personal, social or political greed. The lies of such Fascistic entities are never excusable and accountability should always follow! That said, forsaking or not calling out deviants just because that has occurred, does not mean the known social practices and guidelines should be twisted, lied about or perverted as some kind of reparation for the injustice, or some new agenda in an opposite direction (No rules, no judgements). Replacing one suite of toxic agendas for another will not do society any good in the near or longer term.”

298. "People who are raised in family's based on fear and abuse, will set their daily respect levels when it comes to disagreements, based on the same. In short, they will be more likely to "hold their toungs" if they think the other person can and will hand their head to them. To be clear, all people to a degree function with an internal sensitivity to this, but people raised in it will be more reactive to its presence or lack there of."

297. "You can always count on the opposition to miss the point you are making".

296. "Humans tend to celebrate 'states of change'. Life to death (The Queen). One year older. A job promotion. Day to day on goings even if at a high level for humanity are just another sunrise and sunset. In this context, stability is viewed as stagnation where as change is a chance for betterment. This of course goes to the heart of reflecting genetic species ascension through mutation.

295. "Any government or social system pushed far enough will result in Totalitarianism."

294. "Sitting on your ass is not a ticket to happiness."

293. "A system’s boundaries cannot be changed by staying within."

292. "The FFI (Fossil Fuel Industry) is using Global Warming as a Thanos finger snap."

291. "Justice delayed is justice not served."

290. "Fox Fantasy News is Hitler's nighttime microphone."

289. "When it comes to money, seeking what you deserve will deserve you less."

288. This is a transcript from Warren Berger from 1991 regarding his view on the 2nd amendment as it stands in todays world: "If I were writing the Bill of Rights now, there wouldn’t be any such thing as the 2nd amendment…. That a well-regulated militia, being necessary for the defense of the state, people’s right to bear arms…. this has been the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American public by special interest groups, that I have ever seen in my lifetime. … and this… look at those words. There are only three lines for that amendment. “A well-regulated militia.” If the militia, which was going to be the state army, was going to be well- regulated, why shouldn’t 16 and 17 and 18, or other age persons, be well regulated in the use of arms, the way an automobile is regulated.”

Clarity of thought for sure. Gives credence to the idea of wisdom and age.

287. "What if you believe in speaking the truth, but neither side wants to hear it?"

286. "How many dead Billionaires does it take to screw in a Wealth Tax?"

285. "So what is your solution? To get everyone to understand what the REAL problem is."

284. "Is time a place?"

283. "Ukrainians are our Hero's We will watch them die Behold our TV's will not cry Fossil Fuels are our Apple Pie."

282. "Passivism is never a deterrent."

281. "Dictatorships are the antithesis of stability and global security."

280. “The need and allowance of privacy, should never be leveraged for profit, expediency or the so called “common good”. To do so is a non-recoverable slippery slope into a Fascistic world.”

279. "The downside of having rational conversations about self imposed incredibly absurd circumstances, is that is makes the absurd seem more rational."

278. "Sexual attraction is truly the only "gravity" that will "cut through" variances in ethnicities."

277. "Conclusions based on a steady stream of distortions and lies will not result in truthful or productive paths benefiting society. Such a formula if allowed to exist for any period of time, will only result in a society bleeding poison, misery and pain. It is up to the rest of society to correct these capitalistically driven corruptions for their own survival, and morally everyone else’s.

276. "As long as men can be forced into military service (State Sanctioned Murder) by their respective governments, there is NO FREEDOM."

275. "When the obvious is no longer received as obvious, disaster is on the horizon."

274. "Success is social".

273. "We seem to be very near the bleak choice between War and Shame. My feeling is that we shall choose Shame, and then have War thrown in a little later on, even with more adverse terms than at present." W. Churchill

272. "Its all about the connections."

271. "In the presence of extreme beauty, a few seconds can be an eternity."

270. "If there is no accountability in a society except for the very weakest members of it, then there is no hope of anything that substantiates a reason for that society to continue or even exist."

269. "Global Warming. As I have said before, at this point is falls way short of Rocket Science, to see many, many people are going to die going forward, at an accelerating rate. The people who control the big picture on this world know this. WE know what to do to mitigate this. We have the resources and tech to do this. To rework a "who done it" saying, first you eliminate the obvious, then the distasteful, then you are left with the unthinkable. It was calculated years ago that a sustainable number of people on this planet was around 5 Billion. We are approaching 8. Then you have to get rid of 4 (A billion for growth) . It looks like they are on track. I believe the phrase from the movie, "In Time", says it best. "Darwinian Capitalism".

268. "If people want to know something they will ask you, otherwise you are wasting your time. However, what you may find like with many human complexities, this will vary with the personality type. Complex people may be more open to unsolicited information offerings, simple ones not so much."

267. "I do not in and of itself, give respect to titles."

266. "Does the past exist?"

265. "Endless stalling is victory."

264. "Intelligence is pretty much out of one’s control. Knowledge and ignorance is not."

263. "Humanities quality of life must not be held hostage under the sword of math."

262. "Mankind will NEVER be able to truly internally advance until the self-inflicted shackles of the currency construct are vaporized into oblivion."

261. "How to end war as we know it: 4 steps or challenges if you wish. Step 1, solve the riddle, "What does a 22 cal short have in common with a 100Kt nuke? This will identify what is called, "Castle Season 4 Episode 16."

260. "The "New Normal" is not the new normal. It is the "New Unacceptable", and should be spoken and remembered as such."

259. "The very existence of billionaires shows the absurdity of our societal structures."

258. 'What did the hooker say to the virgin? Don't talk about sex."

257. "Core body visual human asymmetry equals socially fucked."

256. "Existence does not necessitate normalization."

255. "For real security, keep your data loops and storage local".

254. "An attractive person does not need to be told they are attractive anymore than an unattractive person needs to be told of their realty. Such awareness's are very self evident from early on."

253. “It is a fool who blindly persists in continued optimism and naivete, when the current reality and historical record adheres to the opposite direction.”

252. "Fat kills."

251. "Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?" ""Because they both belonged to Edger Allen Poe." My answer to the famous Lewis Carroll Riddle"

250. "Polarize => paralysis => keeps taxes low."

249. "People in power will NEVER strengthen the accountability on themselves."

248. "How can a man live better. Than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of their souls." (Rewrite from "Lays of Ancient Rome")

247. "It can never be too hard."

246. "I don't do conspiracy, I don't do narratives and I don't do nonsense."

245. "Revisionist history is so prevalent today as a means to avoid accountability, because simply put, they are allowed to get away with it."

244. "People definitely have the greatest memory recall problem when it comes to the ill-deeds they have done and/or participated in."

243. "In a hierarchical structure, especially with physical force capabilities, the higher up you go in that structure, the more accountable you should be regarding the punishment severity and duration, not less or equal. This is the kind of thinking that gave rise to the idea that a top leader, let’s say a General, should “fall on his sword” given gross failures by his hand and or control. The absurdity in fact present and practiced in the USA, is the higher up you go, the less accountable you are, even if you are responsible or complicit for well over 200,000 American deaths. The core reason for this is that CW (Concentrated Wealth) owns the Government Representatives, and as long as they do their bidding (Tax rates low, etc.) their crimes become neutralized. Under this paradigm, Democracy will not flourish nor can it be maintained. Fascism will pre-dominate. To be fair though, this problem is global, because currency is hardly limited to the USA, which is why Fascistic rule is now happening at a Global scale at varying rates."

242. "Anyone who has to use the "F" word more than 1% of the time, has nothing to bring to the table."

241. "One of the greatest consistently promoted fallacies is that people who have opted or coerced into hierarchical structures, particularly ones that involve PFE (Physical Force Entities) are somehow not responsible for the abuse and killing that they do. The famous line, "I was only following orders", is presented as a universal justification for their actions, laying blame only on those above. Ironically, the wealth and power at the top is never held accountable for the atrocities beneath. The truth is that each person is equally responsible for their own actions regardless of ANY structure they are a part of, and each person MUST be held accountable for what happens as a result of their own actions or lack thereof."

240. "War is nothing more than State Sanctioned Murder."

239. "When a publisher changes a writers work without footnoting it, it is nothing more than reverse plagiarism, for the publisher is merely hiding behind the writers name, shielding themselves and potentially smearing the writer​. If the writer agrees to such upfront, than it becomes a matter of TFTD #234, where the publisher becomes the Ghost Writer."

238. "The question is not whether God exists. That is pretty much baked in. The question is what does God have to do with any organized religion. God created existence itself. "He" gave us reality. What more does any organized religion, or individual think he is required to do? What more does "he" owe us? If you strip it all away, the very idea that God has to be "involved" with our singular petty day to day ramblings, our hierarchical structures, and our attempts to use "him" as an excuse for power and control, what remains is reveled as the ultimate arrogance of man."

237. "One of the truest Hollywood movie dialogs has to be from, "Murder at 1600". When Wesley Snipes and Alan Alda are jogging along the Potomac, the following dialog ensues: "I must question------ You won't question the President! The Presidency is an institution, not a person. And that institution will be protected at all costs."" Real history proves this out, since a President has never been convicted of impeachment by the Senate. The American idea that no one is above the law, is just an idea that bares no truth to reality. Wealth and power has always placed those who hold such, many, many rungs up the ladder of accountability, when compared to a poor person. This holds absolutely TRUE right up the this moment, and most likely beyond."

236. "A software package cannot determine Plagiarism. An act of Plagiarism must revolve around intent and pre-existing knowledge of that being Plagiarized. The act or discovery of Plagiarism by a software package only serves bureaucratic accusation and expediency."

235. "Without the re-introduction of an updated "Fairness Doctrine", such as "The Truth Doctrine", pertaining to all mass media that presents itself as a news facilitating organization or its appearance, the divisions within the USA and the world at large will just keep getting bigger and bigger."

234. "Ghost writing is nothing more than complicit plagiarism."

233. "FASHION: Black and Silver is definitely the new Gold".

232. "What does MAGA really mean? On a clear sunny day, the sky is brown, the grass is Purple and most cows are born with two heads".

231. "How many Populists does it take to screw in a fascist?"

230. "It is Wednesday November 4th, 2020, and slightly less than half the cows in the slaughter house rows, just got spared from being turned into Hamburger, released from their death though unhappily.
229. 'Money follows looks and looks follows money."

228. "Elitism is color blind be it politically labeled or genetically skinned."

227. KARMA!! Squatter gets Covid-19.

"Isn't it wonderful! The only question is how far will it go and how many will be judged and remedied. It doesn't put the fire out, but at least it is a bit of fresh and well deserved air in a very, very Smoke filled room....."

226. "The vast majority of people want to just live happily in the world, rather than change it in a big and lasting way."

225. "I have become death, the Carbonizer of Worlds". .... An Oppenheimer re-write.

224. "A criminal by any other name is still a criminal".

223. "Sexual attraction is not a negotiation."

222. "The squatter in the WH is the Perfect Free Market Capitalist. He Completely believes that the only important goal in the world, that has any value at all is currency. Acquisition of such is to be sought at any human cost, as long as he is the receiver of the profit."

221. "Doing the right thing for the wrong reason does not count."

220. "The only person a Con Man disdains more then someone he can't con, is someone that he has."

Since the Inaugural Address of January 20th, 2017, this country has been without a president, which makes this election forth coming a very potentially pivot able event. The Squatter that has intruded in the White House since that time, adjoined with his two main complicit sidekicks, has moved this country in a direction that would make dictators from Napoleon to Stalin and beyond proud.
From an election perspective, CPOV (Computerized Point Of Vote) makes it impossible to have an election audit. Paper ballots are the only way that an audit can be performed. It is no wonder that CPOV was such a sought after direction by those who wish to circumvent Democracy. Given the long list of “tools” that are being used by those who wish to secure Fascism or Totalitarianism under the perverted banner of the Republican party, and to an extent the Democratic party albeit using a different process and timeline, the result of the coming election may be more based on when these interests make their final move as opposed to the freewill of the people. As I have written before in, “Socialism Saves America” and, “A Very Fundamental Problem”, and other writings, Concentrated Wealth and Currency itself preclude a world that would actually be desirable for the human race and its only Earth. Currency is inherently competitive and holds man at its beckoning (Hugely Ironic) when cooperation must be the leader in day to day social interworking’s, and the large systems of social order. Facts via logic and science tempered by morality and ethics are the main ingredients of a sustainable world. Flat out lies and distortions by the so called Right and the currently promoted Universal Relativism and the normalization of abnormality by the so called Left, are mutually complicit allies in bringing the extremes of Right and Left at 9 and 3 on the clock, to their final home of total control (Pick your label) at 6, pure freedom at 12 of course for the analogous circle.
Personally, I see no hope via any legal and allowed structured path, leaving only accident, Murphy and system circumvention as possible necessary change agents. Not a very pleasant viewing Crystal Ball, but then again, no one is paying me to say otherwise….. Tic….Tok…"

218. "With the pardoning of Roger Stone, an unmistakable template of recognition has morphed into the execution of the Totalitarianism endgame. More than likely in “backrooms” laced with shadows , echoing the web of the best laid plans, this was set in motion well before 2016. The explicit parties involved and precise language of that moment, is of little importance at this specific time. What chronology does demand of us is the understanding and willingness to act now, to prevent this toxic outcome’s success. All the accumulated moments of defiance, corruption, in-action, complicity, arrogance, and the criminality of those vested interests, have been showing themselves in all the places where they needed to be vetted and refined, waiting for the unexpected massive global opportunistic third variable, that would allow the final execution to burn true. All the necessary institutions have been penetrated and controlled to impotence, leaving only one open channel for orders to flow. The famous spoken carve-out phrase of Ben Franklin, “….If you can keep it”, is finally being answered with a “you can’t”. To foot note a dialog segment from the movie, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, near the end when the Sociopath/Psychotic murderer (Stellan Skarsgård) is speaking to Daniel Craig’s character sitting in the death chair:

“….Let me ask you something. Why don’t people trust their instincts? They sense somethings wrong – someone’s walking too close behind them - You knew something was wrong - but you came back into the house. Did I force you? Did I drag you in? No. All I had to do was.. offered you a drink. You’d never think the fear of offending can be stronger than the fear of pain - but you know what? It is. They always come willingly. And then they sit here. They know it’s over like.. you do - But somehow.. they still think they have a chance. Maybe if I say the right thing - Maybe if I’m polite - or I cry and beg - when I see the hope draining from their face like it is from yours right now –“.

Why I quote this dialog, is that in a poignant way, it illustrates the human willingness to ignore what it sees to be true and inevitable, preferring the illusion of safety over the necessary mind to force sufficient emotion and energy to do what is known to be necessary, believing the fear and danger to overcome at this moment, is greater than the fear and danger of what will.


217. The following dialog from the movie, "In Time", can easily be translated to perhaps its blatant reality meaning for the real world of today:

".....But don't fool yourself. In the end, nothing will change. Because everyone wants to live forever. They all think they have a chance at immortality, even though all the evidence is against it. They all think they will be the exception. But the truth is, for a few to be immortal, many must die.

No one should be immortal if even one person has to die."

".....But don't fool yourself. In the end, nothing will change. Because everyone wants financial freedom. They all think they have a chance at being filthily rich, even though all the evidence is against it. They all think they will be the exception. But the truth is, for a few to have financial freedom, many must be poor and homeless.

No one should have financial freedom if even one person has to be poor and homeless."

The further unpleasant reality is that being poor translates to a more likely death do to lack of Health Care, which is showing itself all to frequently in the recent and ongoing daily vision of Covid-19.

But one thing that has always held true in our currency based world, is those on their lofty perch's rarely have sight below their line to the horizon. "

216. "Currency and Religion have outlived their usefulness."

215. "The USA failed at Covid-19 because it had to choose life over Capitalism, which it could not do."

214. "A capitalist model will NEVER do what is RIGHT over what is the most profitable, only if it leverages even greater profit in the future to something linked back to the change."

213. "One degree of separation is all that is required for a Dystopian world."

212. “Once you eliminate the probable, then what is possible, the truth must be the impossible.”

211. "Regarding human sexuality, if you have to look more than once to know what you are looking at, its not worth looking at all."

210. "The only schism worse than the squatter in the White House, is the System that technically validated him and allowed him to stay."

209. Best line from the movie, "Stranger Than Fiction": "I may already be dead, just not typed."

208. "Currency is nothing more than religion for goods and services."

207. "Sexual attraction is not a negotiation."

206. "The only thing that is real about currency are the behaviors that people will do for it."

205. "Real human contact. There is no substitute."

204. “Billions of tears have been shed over the crimes of War, but it hasn’t stopped the desire and train of profit for such.”

203. "The end result of unregulated Capitalism is Practical Fascism."

202. Best lines from the movie Riddick, "If Riddick comes back here without us,
you go ahead, you kill him on general principle. Is that before or after I'm supposed to fuck him?"

I just watched Bill Maher 3/6/2020. He had Brian Cox on as his left side guest person. They all were talking about the “usual” stuff and Brian said in a very heart felt and sincere way, "you really don't understand Socialism". I though Maher was going to have a heart attack by his expression, and I was looking at him in profile. It took everybody about 2 or 3 seconds at most, to go into full blown damage control and shut Brian down, using the usual methods to do so. So, this thought for the day Bill, was triggered by you in that moment:

201. “Bill Maher is just another NY wealthy Jew, having the last thing he wants to hear on main stream TV, a sincere, truthful and emotional plea for Socialism. He is just like the rest of them, knowing that Socialism in the USA is for the wealthy, and everyone else gets stuck with capitalism.”

200. "Weather is the day to day variations possible under a given climate and its seasonal variation."

199. "Like attracts, opposites attack."

198. "We are trying to put a man on the moon and the only rocket fuel we have given ourselves is Black Powder."

197. "Polarization equals paralysis."

196. “Currency is the ultimate prison, not only because it enslaves us in our immediate physical reality, but because it locks us into a primitive lower function competitive brain, preventing us from fully embracing the higher gifts of compassion, empathy and equality."

195. "As I have said many, many times, we are willing to give up and destroy all that is real for something that is not. Man may simply be a species that does not have the right DNA to survive the "long haul". A flash bulb on the universe's scale rather than a sun."

194. "I don't use Twitter because I have a brain."

193. "Capitalism in its inherent core design, is not sustainable and in direct conflict with sustainability itself."

192. "A.I. will end currency as we know it."

191. “If you want to maintain a high level of acquaintances and friends, the trick in social environments is to talk only about “fluff” or meaningless “pieces”, but it should sound like you are really talking about important material. DO NOT engage topics would include, not surprisingly, Religion, Politics, Wealth, Gun Control and Military. This may seem ill advised, but, when the dust settles, no one will have changed their minds and you will have created “hard feelings” between you and anyone who does not share your views."

190. "Capitalism is simple. If the core connections and results of a given system are inherently counter to the directions that you wish to proceed in, you are running up a down escalator in pursuing those directions. You will have successes and failures by trying in the short run, but at the end of the day you will fail. The Tarantula will string the frog.
If you want to have real long term and lasting success in your chosen directions, you MUST CHANGE the core system, not just play in its weeds.

189. "If you want to really find out something interesting worthy of mass media news attention, find out who the hired people are, in all detail including job descriptions, etc., who actually send the Presidents tweets. Anyone who thinks that the "T" man himself physically sends out his own tweets, I.E., goes through the physical action of sending a tweet on a device, is naïve. Find out who(s) in reality is sending his tweets, so we know who the complicit parties are. Pull back the curtain and let the light in, all the details. Let’s see who these individuals are that took this job, and it's government salary."

188. "All the social issues being played out in mass media today are the magicians classic misdirection techniques. CW (Concentrated Wealth) is keeping everybody busy at the front of the store with all the smoke and mirrors of easy emotional baiting, while they are back in the warehouse robbing the planetary safe of non-replaceable resources, the collected financial wealth of the masses and our species most important asset... time."

187. "Precisely, Wag The Dog has become Wag The World."

186. "Actually no one is born free. Before you are even "popped out", you are tied to currency and chained to it for everything that will keep you alive. Have you not ever noticed that the links in the chains of bondage are in the shape of $."

185. "The Empire will never jail its King, present or past."


183. "Today’s mainstream media news, regardless of side, seeks out truth and information to fit the narratives that are handed down from "above". This of course is not truthful or accurate. Real free independent news seeking truth, goes out into the field looking for the truth through facts and supported information, and the "narratives" create themselves from that newly discovered reality. Real free independent news seeks to find and broadcast the truth, not some selectively manufactured two-sided game designed to peak ratings."

182. You can thank two Bloomsburg University girls for this following thought of the day, as a way to explain their reaction during a conversation: "The purpose of invoking "universal relativism" during a conversation, I.E., your truth, your belief, your logic, etc., is to relegate everything to an opinion thereby eliminating the possibility of anyone being wrong. For if there is no truth, logic, etc. independent of the individual, there can be no baseline to be held accountable to, regarding your assertions and denials.”

181. "Money is power, power is politics, politics is policy..."

180. "The easiest way to get carbon out of air is to get private money out of politics. Do that, and the carbon problem is easily solved."

179. Best lines from, "The Sound of Thunder": "What's the point of being rich if you don't buy things other people can't afford?", "Can you say 
anything for certain? Yes, I can say for certain I can't say anything for certain."

178. "Why is it always financially well-off people telling everybody else how to do with less?"

177. "For the 99%, a "cure" that is not affordable is the same as a cure that does not exist, be it product or service."

176. "Do you think you are going to solve the world's problems by writing or reading in the superficial?"

175. "With the wiping out of the middle class and the social safety nets under constant attack by Concentrated Wealth (CW), peoples very lives are being determined by the political results of any given election. So, why can't people discuss politics anymore when they find themselves of differing opinion? The answer is simple. Politics is policy and policy is life and death. Life for those with money and death for those without."

174. "There is nothing worse and more insulting than the purveyors of crimes being allowed to investigate their own guilt."

173. "A secret is only a secret when it is shared in one's own mind."

172. "The Global Murder Industrial Complex (GMIC) is the world's biggest protection racket."

171. "When asked to partake in Genetic testing, those without well established financial freedom should reply, "when the state and or federal government provide non discriminatory total health care from birth to death for all US citizens, then we can have a conversation about genetic testing."

170. "Just remember, the so called left and right, do not lie on a straight line becoming further apart with greater extreme, they in fact lie on a circle where the most extreme positions occupy the same point, and the same result."

169. "The arrogance of extreme wealth and power should be cured with astonishment"

168. "The so-called conservative of today robs the bank and then denies doing it no matter what the proof. The so-called leftists of today rob the bank and then don't deny it but say there is nothing wrong with it. The end result for both of them is NO ACCOUNTABILITY!! NO COST$$”. How convenient."

167. "Freedom is allowed until it gets in the way of power and control"

166. "One should never strive for simplicity over the truth of reality."

165. A Little Fun.... A Twilight Zone narration moment... Done with a Rod Serling voice. "Donald Trump, a man who found himself in the Oval Office, faced with the Presidency of the United States. A life’s unexpected dream to be sure, but dreams do not always bear fruit in the way we imagine, for on this day, Donald will find himself faced with the unexpected consequences that his ambitions selectively choose him for. A day that will, and can only play out, in the Twilight Zone…."

164. I normally don't put blog posts in here, but here is one I recently wrote. I am responding to someone else here, starting with a quote from what they wrote:

"Hi: "...How to create a sustainable source of revenue? There are many ways...."
There are many ways to create revenue from soup to nuts. But all will lead to the same end result as my longer comment above.
Look, I find it revealing to use extreme examples to test logical concepts. If a logical construct holds up at an extreme it is most likely tenable. Look at WAR. Everyone professes to hate it. It is always the first thing out of the mouths of beauty contest winners, World Peace, though now offered more in humor. We burn alive women and children, kill the sick and injured, the innocent, the vulnerable, torture, on and on over and over again, and glee about our successes. No where is the word HERO used more, and yet War is nothing more than state sanctioned murder and HERO's are the ones that do it the best.
Now shelve that for one second. In a currency-based world how do you promote anything be it an idea, service, product, etc...?? Answer, you make it profitable. If you make something profitable it will expand and grow at accelerating rates. How do you reduce or eliminate the same?

Answer, you make it not profitable. This will cause it to shrink and eventually disappear. This fact is independent of whether it is a positive or negative to society. Remember as any good accounting, free market educated person is taught by the Chicago model, currency is just and engine. It doesn't take sides. Now pull back down the shelf. SO, if it is up to ethics, morality and pure human kind recognition of our higher-level functions labeled as the recognition of "Goodness and Kindness", why do we make war one of the most profitable, maybe the most profitable endeavor on the planet? The Donald Trump voter level mentality would suggest probably, because we want to win! I would label that as the perfect shallow answer that they are capable of. However, a further look into this question and some analysis would tell you that the purpose of winning something that is revered as the most horrific "thing" on the planet would be to create an environment where you only have to do it once, win that is, not in-perpetuity. One might argue that the ushering in of the atomic era cajoled this idea. SO, how is it that this horrific "thing" is still with us??? Because the purpose of war is not to win it. It is for profit first followed by control second. It is so the very, very, very few can have anything mankind can think of and deliver for them and screw everybody else. And that will always be the case as long as we choose to run our entire planet on a human created double deep construct that in truth has no reality, no matter how we try to structure this beast." End blog post.

163. "Societies create systems interwoven with certain requirements, obligations and necessities. When discussing the system's top-level validity and its agent’s necessity and ethical nature along with its underlying details, logically, one cannot use the underlying agents need or current necessity as justification for the system or its agents ethical or moral standing. In short, if one is to live in a world of water and its validity and ethical nature is being critiqued, stating that people should learn how to swim or that swimming is necessary and ethical to live in that world, is logically flawed because you have already constructed the situation that by default requires that skill and therefore that skill's use. This as correct or ethical justification is circular reasoning and not allowed. It is however logical that if change is required to the top-level systems, changing or disrupting the agents beneath those systems, may be required for causality." whfiii

162. Best protagonist line from the movie Transcendence, "We gave him back his humanity."

161. "The arrogance of wealth ultimately, does not care about exposure. When they control it all, they have all they need."

160. "With every passing day, it becomes more and more unavoidable that CW (Concentrated Wealth) along with all its connections, be smashed, obliterated and relegated into a million pieces of obscurity, so that no remnant piece can be inspected without a magnifying glass. If this does not happen, freedom may be forever lost, at a minimum."

159. "GH GH'ing (Green House Gas Heating). Let’s call what it is."

158. "Ignorance should NEVER be celebrated or rewarded, only extinguished."

157. "The moment mankind created currency, he condemned himself to practical extinction."

156. “When an individual agrees to take someone else’s life at the behest of another person’s wishes, without due diligence applying their own exploration of the facts, conscience and intelligence, they forfeit the right to their own life’s decision.”

155. “Alternative facts equal's lies.” (I apologize for expressing a thought for the day that is so blatantly obvious)

154. "Extreme ignorance has a big bull horn resulting in the last election results. Many voted out of desperation, and usually when humans are motivated by such, they rarely get what they plan for...."

153. "Concentrated Wealth and Democracy are mutually exclusive. When one goes up the other goes down."

152. "Copying is the outward admission of a mind resolute in mediocrity."

151. "Math and numbers are always "true" to themselves, but that does not mean they are true or correct to reality, as a mathematical construct or solution to be excepted and implemented for society."

150. "You can always tell when people know there is a big pile of shit ready
to hit the fan (1/20/2017). They obediently look all around the world for all the
good things they can talk about and recognize as positive."

149. "Listening to Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC for the first time in four years, he was asked about what he had been engaged in after leaving the media space. He was also asked about his thoughts on Donald Trump. I thought his explanation regarding Trump's verbal style was spot on. He said, Trump speaks not to put forward facts or complex ideas, but merely to create a feeling. Period. Those created feelings have nothing in common with facts, real history or what he intends to do with this country. After hearing Dylan, the following thought for the day popped into my head regarding same: "Trump's words for feelings is targeted at those who lack sufficient intellect to assimilate facts and anything complex. Thus, the most common reason given for self disclosed Trump voters is, "I wanted to stir the pot".""

148. "True elitism believes that respect is only deserved for those in THE group. For everyone else, disdain is the order of the day."

147. "Opportunity knocks, but it doesn't knock forever."

146. "It is Tuesday November 8th, 2016, and slightly less than half the cows in the slaughter house rows, just stood up on their hind legs and proclaimed, "Where's the beef?!""

145. “Kellyanne Conway exemplifies the fine tuning of endless innuendo wrapped in plausible deniability, lies and hypocrisy, exported as a new form of diarrhea of the mouth, which is suppose to have believability and appeal. The assertions themselves are not what is most objectionable, but the arrogance of individuals retaining wealth and power or those doing their direct bidding, believing with every spewed word that their audience in totality, are nothing short of morons and idiots."

144. "How bad is Hell when you are holding onto a golden rope from heaven?" I wrote this 12 years ago, thought I had put it out here....

143. "Exxon Mobil. Global Warming Lives Here."

142. "Keep Carbon Grounded" My new tag line for all RE promotion.

141. Best line from the movie, "Our Brand Is Crisis": "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal."

140. "If money did not buy power, it would have no value."

139. "Be careful of the walls you put up, for they may become a prison."

138. From a Genetic Engineering blog post:
"One might argue that accountability should not exceed the visibility of one’s own horizon. At a species level, the end result determined by nature of course which does not know how to read. The question for us thus becomes, what exactly can be counted as the visibility within the horizon? Is it only those results or ends if you wish, which are known as tangible and concrete? Should probabilistic causality be considered in the pool of explored results? As an example, what happens when a MRSA develops at a genetic engineering level? "I am Legend" perhaps...??
I don't mean to be to cerebral here, but man has a habit of playing with things that he has little or no understanding of, currency pushes him to premature action, and ultimately he will be held accountable...."

137. This was a writing I did a long time ago. I did writings like this while I was running, usually 4 miles. I just thought I would share one with you....

The Way We Are

Standing in the mass of the ages. We choose this often
over our own solitude, even though much of the pain we
feel comes from our choice.

We crave, desire even bleed not to be lonely. What
drives this mad compulsion? Is it masochism or the
inherited wants of the forgotten.

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, but it does
subscribe to some standard definitions. Many languages
does it speak and many lies does it tell. But perhaps
only time and understanding can transport to us the
truth and happiness we all so need and desire.

11/26/1997 6pm WHFIII

136. "Notoriety allows common sense protestations to be viewed as genius."

135. "Revolution is the admission of defeat."

134. "Once notoriety has been achieved, the circle of communication only opens for entrants who possess the same."

133. "If you desire and accept entrance into the Yacht club, don't expect sunshine if you complain about the wind direction."

132. "Need generates creativity from the available."

131. "In the absence of currency, power is self appointed."

130. "Donald Trump exists politically to create the perception that the other right wing extreme candidates (Cruz, Rubio, etc.) and their current representatives (Ryan, Walker, Snyder, etc.), are normal and centered in their views, and to direct discussion away from real issues like the TPP, health care, social security, gross wealth inequality and all social safety systems they seek to destroy for increased corporate profit, benefiting the .00001%. The supporting masses seem to be oblivious regarding the elitist agenda, no matter what "flag" color they are flying under."

129. "With every step forward in time, today's presidential fiasco revels that mans social and personal structures have stagnated morally, ethically and intellectually by the numbers. Technology never has, nor will not fuse into man, what is required for him to truly advance. Only acute observation, introspection and self realization even gives pause to the world we have inherited. Until man can reconcile his lower-level animal instincts with his higher-level functions, technology will only distract and false profit our vision and perception of the world, along with our presence in it."

128. "The vampires of popular lore, share allot with the seekers of power, control and money. They hate being dragged into the sunlight, suck the “life-force” out of any system whose primary pillars are truth, benevolence and well being, deathly fear the stake of accountability and have hearts frozen by embitterment, abuse and a lack of received compassion or love."

127. In the book, "Dark Money", there is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt. I liked the quote so much, I tracked down its original source. It is from a speech he gave in April of 1906. It is a fantastic speech and so relevant today, it is "spooky".

This is the link below for the speech:


126. "I am not saying money is the "root of all evil" here. I am saying that currency is the perfect choice catalyst for the human animal instinct to reveal its worst sides, competition, selfishness, greed, in lieu of cooperation, compassion and equivalency."

125. "Robotic technology is the height and purist expression of mediocracy."

124. "The ultimate goal of capitalism is zero cost".

123. "Wealth will be the tool for global genocide"

122. "Theoretical capitalism and its associated free market can never exist in reality. The end result is a single company owning the world (Monopoly) which of course is the very result you get when playing the game, though in the real world, it takes a bit longer to achieve that end, with many, many "bumps" along the way. Government used to be and MUST be the stop gap to prevent that singular result, because the proper functioning of Democracy is in direct conflict with a currency based, capitalistic structure who's only unfettered outcome is a single entity. Once the government is bought by those very corporate entities in that system, its essential value (Government) was lost. Revolution was and is a direct result of the realities of a currency-based world mixed with human failings which results in a hierarchical structure that gives everything necessary for survival to those at the top and nothing to those at the bottom. This is untenable and thus Revolution. Money which has no physical reality as a double deep construct for our existence, has been given priority over planetary existence by human choice. This choice will prove fatal as long as it holds. Man by nature cannot be enslaved. SO, if man is to survive as MAN intact, the reality of a currency-based world must end."

121. "Clarity of thought is more important than intelligence"

120. "Currency has become the Golden Key that opens all the locks, on all the doors, to all the rooms this planet has to offer".

119. I thought this dialog from "Tomorrowland" was Spot On enough to warrant a quotation. Governor Nix, ending scenes.....

"Let's imagine... if you glimpsed the future, you were frightened by what you saw, what would you do with that information? You would go to... the politicians, captains of industry? And how would you convince them? Data? Facts? Good luck! The only facts they won't challenge are the ones that keep the wheels greased and the dollars rolling in. But what if... what if there was a way of skipping the middle man and putting the critical news directly into everyone's head? The probability of wide-spread annihilation kept going up. The only way to stop it was to show it. To scare people straight. Because, what reasonable human being wouldn't be galvanized by the potential destruction of everything they've ever known or loved? To save civilization, I would show its collapse. But, how do you think this vision was received? How do you think people responded to the prospect of imminent doom? They gobbled it up like a chocolate éclair! They didn't fear their demise, they re-packaged it. It could be enjoyed as video-games, as TV shows, books, movies, the entire world wholeheartedly embraced the apocalypse and sprinted towards it with gleeful abandon. Meanwhile, your Earth was crumbling all around you. You've got simultaneous epidemics of obesity and starvation. Explain that one! Bees and butterflies start to disappear, the glaciers melt, algae blooms. All around you the coal mine canaries are dropping dead and you won't take the hint! In every moment there's the possibility of a better future, but you people won't believe it. And because you won't believe it you won't do what is necessary to make it a reality. So, you dwell on this terrible future. You resign yourselves to it for one reason, because *that* future does not ask anything of you today. So yes, we saw the iceberg and warned the Titanic. But you all just steered for it anyway full steam ahead. Why? Because you want to sink! You gave up! It's not the monitor's fault. That's yours."

..... as a note to the above dialog, the failing was that the base equation was not challenged... but that is also our fault, of course....

118. I wrote this one while I was reading Jane Mayer's book, "Dark Money" "One of the biggest ironies today, is that the cheap seat "cheerleaders" in the masses supporting the Kochtopus mindset, are its past, current and future victims".

117. "The arrival of a mellow humbleness due to old age should not be viewed as automatic salvation for a life of practiced poisonous behavior."

116. "The why is everything."

115. "Sooner or later, every speech that will be written will have already been read, every song that will be composed will have already been heard and every canvas to be graced will have already been seen."

114. "No person or group will NEVER, EVER change the world in a positive direction for humanity by "picking" on the 99% wealth level.

113. "Today’s court systems shine a spotlight on convenient truth, suppress inconvenient truth, and above all maintain the status quo."

112. "For a salesman, the truth is whatever they can get you to believe."

111. "We reserve the right to war and kill, and we will eliminate anyone or anything that tries to take that away from us"

110. "Confucius say, "Fishing for complements produces empty hook.""

110. "King Midas never has, doesn't and never will part with his Gold willingly, no mater what political structure or economic model is in place."

109. "Instinct can not be intellectualized away."

108. "The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. This new version is the past and no different past can ever have existed. In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact." George Orwell

107. This Arthur C. Clarke quote was shown at the beginning of the movie, "Dark Skies". I thought it was very appropriate: “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

106. "Money has NO Ethics or Morality and neither do those who have too much of it..."

105. "Maturity is the channel through which intelligence expresses itself."

104. Best lines from the movie "Oblivion": "There's things you need to know... I don't want to know!!... Jack..", "Are you an effective team?", "Who are you?!!... I'm your wife..", "Buck up Bob, don't go all shaky on me.", "“If we have souls, they’re made of the love we share. Undimmed by time, unbound by death.”

and I would be remiss if I didn't quote all the following, "How can a man die better, then facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his gods.... I created you Jack, I am your god.... Fuck you Sally"

103. "Children equal chaos."

102. "Ignorance is bliss, right up until it kills you."

101. "Atheism is logically untenable."

100. "The top of the pyramid only accounts to the bottom when they find themselves there without privilege."

099. "Lies are easier to believe than truth is to understand."

098. "King Midas never complains that his seat of Gold is too hard or uncomfortable."

097. Best Lines from the movie, "In Time": "Do you really come from time?", "Is it stealing when its already stolen?", "Here you go darling - Oh, you shouldn't have", "I am sorry to break this to you, but by tomorrow, you won't have time to stand around", "But the truth is, for a few to be immortal, many must die", "I told you there were bigger banks". This is an excellent movie of a Dystopian world. An endless array of play on words and some truth to close to home...
096. "Real arrogance is when you are very successful and you think luck had absolutely NOTHING at all to do with it."

095. "You cannot call it a revolution if only one side is shooting."

094. "Real evil wears a suit."

093. "The only ideals or realities the wealthy and powerful will bank roll, is their own wealth and power. No action will be taken unless that agenda is satisfied first."

092. "Greed will always self destruct."

090. "The newly discovered, "Superior Autobiographical Memory", invites the question, "is it the fading past, or our future", or just a very rare abnormal condition. To me it would appear as an advancement, based on our more cerebral and less physical state of being. We require more clarity and speed in remembering our choices, so that we might make better decisions going forward. One could easily blame our continued ability on making the wrong choices over and over again through History, on our "fuzzy" memories in recalling the past accurately. Recalling events with such accuracy and sometimes painful detail, may be burdensome, but could be viewed as a necessary "piece" in species advancement."

089. Regarding above: As a side note, such accurate memory recall by all would certainly put an end to the outright lying that is being practiced by elected officials in our current mass media, bringing undisputed accountability to their actions. This one result by itself would be as gratifying as world peace....

088. "Real truth does not belong to a who, it simply is."

087. "It has become crystal clear, the ramifications of such being solidified exponentially as time moves forward, that a world based on currency will lead to our extinction. It is highly possible that the human animal at this point in our genetic composition, lacks the necessary socialistic elements to balance and share resources without warring or required reimbursement. This relatively simple construct that is available to us intellectually, is missing at an instinctual level where it is truly needed, as much as survival, sex drive and freedom."

086. “Nymphomaniacs are happy, prostitutes are jaded”

085. “To pursue futility without waiver, trekking across the crossroads of unconscionable stupidity, seeking change of position from those who disdain it more than death itself, requires a dedication rarely erected or rewarded, but is one that defines a unique mold and blend of individualism."

084. "Seeing in ultra clarity and knowing in excruciatingly verbose detail of the problem, does not imply an imperative solution must come to pass."

083. "Industry "news sites", be they print or electronic, are nothing more than portals for profit for the status quo entities or interests they profit from. First time "dirty laundry" or injustices without a big profit "edge", will not be aired. Only well viewed and bandied about mishaps will be up for discussion. In short, no investigative journalism will bestow their borders or arches."

082. Best lines from the movie, "Sex and Death 101". "...No one has ever had sex coming out of a bad relationship...." and "...and a man would rather have another mans jealousy than another mans respect."

081. "Success, money and power must not be used as the rule measure for a professed truth. To do so only benefits the status quo and those who came to power by trampling without conscience all those who got in their way."

080. “The mortar we mix today determines the kind and quality of the bricks we lay tomorrow.”

079. "Geeks are not geeks for what they know, but for what they don't."

078. "Evil is intelligence knowingly without conscience or compassion."
077. Paraphrased from the new version of, "The Day The Earth Stood Still", "It is not until we are on the brink of destruction, standing at the precipice, do we find the will to change." ... Professor Barnhardt

076. "The trick through life is not to wallow in the mud but to walk through it."

075. Best Lines from Transformers II: "Hey professor, I'd do anything for an "A"." "At least he's faithful Sam." "You think you can bring him back to life with that Pixie dust...??.. Absolutely!" "You mean that orange smoke...??.. It wasn't my best toss...OK" "So glad you could join us professor Einstein."

074. "Man's stupidity is only exceeded by his ignorance... or is it his ignorance is only exceeded by his stupidity..."

073. Best line from the movie, "The International": "Sometimes a man can meet his destiny on the road he took to avoid it".

072. "Problems are the flame that ignite the fuse of creativity for an explosion of invention."

071. "For man, times of peace are simply those moments when we are preparing for war."

070. Best lines from Transformers I: "50 years from now when you are looking back at your life, don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car?" "Excuse me, are you the tooth fairy?" "This is America. yea... that's how you know you live in a free land... there are no secrets... they'd say, "Duck and Cover"!!" "I bought a car. Turned out to be an alien robot. Who Knew."

069. Best line from the movie, "A Good Woman", "Do you know what I hate more than being talked about? Not being talked about at all."

068. "There is no validity without accountability."

067. "For a solution to be found for a problem, the system has to allow the solutions creation and implementation, otherwise the exercise is futile."

066. "What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?" Paraphrase to, "What happens when an irresistible force tries to attain an impossible goal?" Mass "X" being accelerated to the speed of light? The mass "X" will never attain the speed of light even with an irresistible force... which would be the reality in our universe.... Yes...???.....

065. “The faster solutions become, the greater the loss in our ability and patience to solve complex problems.”

064. "Any sufficiently extraterrestrial intelligence is indistinguishable from God." Shermer's Last Law.

063. "Compromise promotes expediency for politics and disasters for engineering".

062. "The impossible is simply that which has not been thought of."

061. "Being a person of Science, the only prejudice I can truly say I have is against ignorance. Being a person of organized religion, the only prejudice I can truly say I have is against verifiable knowledge. Being a person of diversity, I will keep trying to get them to share the same hotel room."

060. "If you are wealthy and crazy you are eccentric. If you are poor and crazy, you are just crazy."

059. "There is a monumental public difference between inventing uniquely and a unique invention, though to the individual the feeling and process of creation is identical."

058. "In the sexual arena, negative preconceptions as well as positive expectations can quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy."

057. "Group conformity and pressure are one of the biggest stiflers of creativity that an individual can encounter. The fear and risk of the unknown coupled with group friendships is a large part of the motivation for this joined behavior. The perception of safety lies within the group, not outside. This instinctive reaction dates way back to mans beginnings when he huddled in caves fearing the darkness."

056. "In the absence of truth, the only justice available is accidental."

055. From the movie, "Lions for Lambs", best line delivered by Robert Redford: "Rome is Burning."

054. “Truly exceptional discoveries are made by individuals. Teams and group conformity produce consistent mediocrity.”

053. "In the face of adversity, over engineering is always appreciated."

052. "The difference between flirtation and sexual harassment is simply that one is desired and one is not".

051. "The genius is in the details." Eastman Kodak Tag Line, circa 1980's.

050. "Any society that uses currency for the exchange of goods and services MUST eventually extrude into a strict class structure no matter how the society began. This fact should be self evident simply because those with mobility and power see no equality or lateral value in those individuals that do not share those acquisitions."

049. “Does the loss of a child suffer from the meaning of its cause? Does the face of reason, purposeful or ambivalent, effect the fading of the memory? There can be no worse, than to travel down this road, for food has no taste, water has no quench and love has lost it’s home.”

048. “Bureaucracies hold no truth only motivation.”

047. "Imagination is more important than knowledge", Albert Einstein.

046. "Like an elegantly laid out traveling puppet show, human kind continues to be played a cast of marionettes controlled by the worlds power holders. Republicans/Democrats, Labor Party/Conservative Party/Liberal Democrats, Christians, Jews, Moslems, extreme Liberals/extreme Conservatives and on and on. All these "camps" are designed to get the masses to rally around "something" so they, the masses, can feel that they have some element of control and a place to vent no matter how perceptibly small. This charade also has the side benefit of creating the need for a hierarchical government. This has been fined tuned in the Western environment particularly here in the USA. To take a very small example, Ann Coulter. Here you have a blabbering mouth who pushes the extremes more and more like the advance of sex and violence on TV. The solution to such people’s is simple. NO PRESS. NO PRESS. End of story. But of course, that will never happen because "it" is designed to get people to sign on to one side or the other so the Puppeteers can have their show and control. After all, if no one came to a football game and took sides, you wouldn’t have football very long would you. John Edwards wants the Ann Coulter’s of the world. It defines his position. Each person on a side needs their counterpart otherwise their brilliantly defined contrasting image just becomes an ever fading, fading silhouette, which translates into NO MONEY. So, until the people "smarten up", maybe a few more centuries, this pathetic show will continue in all its changing variations, holding back the true advancement of the masses socially, intellectually, spiritually and environmentally."

045. "Retirement is offered up by our society as a sweet juicy apple, but the reality is an irrevocable pill with an incredibly bitter aftertaste."

044. "First we meet, a few moments for observations, assessment, then we move on or not."

043. "Creative people often write to satisfy and internal need of self expression as opposed to promoting an external change of opinion."

042. "Mankind continues to war and kill, day after day. Woman and children are horrible victims of our inability to live together. Man seems more worried about fighting over what happens to him when he’s dead than living together when he’s alive. I suggest the abandonment of all organized world religions and propose an 11th commandment so named as a stipend to Christianity. "Thou shall not value the largest expectation in death more than the smallest creation of life.""
041. “The term, “conspiracy theory” (CT), as used in today's social/political environment, is being used as a Psychological redirector much like the word homophobic. If you look in a good dictionary at the definition of, homophobic, you might be surprised as to its true meaning and the number of people on average, 1 in 1000, that really fit “the bill”. So why is it used so widely? When someone expresses a potential negative towards someone or some group, by firing back with a word or phrase, like, “oh, you are homophobic”, it immediately changes the problem or deviancy from the initial target back on to the person making the perception. In other wards the, “spotlight of attention”, is shifted in a negative way, away from the person or group engaged in a behavior or action on to the observer. The term/phrase CT is being used today in the same way. The event of September 11, is an excellent example of this. Without making this a book, to come to the point, there is no CT. It is this simple. What is possible is that a relatively small group of people with power, money, resources and opportunity, had a goal of more money and power and executed a plan to make that happen. Like any system or event in a bureaucracy, a triangle diagram usually fits well. At the bottom third, is the detail and tactical executions where knowledge is nothing or next to nothing regarding the “big picture”. The middle third where suspicions may exist to different degrees regarding the “truth”, and the top 1/3 strategic level where some of the truth is known, topped off by an “all knowing few”. The public at large has no visibility of course. Whether such a system has played out often comes into speculation when some or many of the observable details at the bottom of an event do not, “add up”. Knowing more or even all of the details at the bottom rarely gives concrete insight into the strategy of the, “all knowing few”, and how the whole event flowed from the top down. The NORAD tapes, or any other bottom level detail documentation may be able to point to more inconsistencies, but most certainly can not be used as a justification for turning away from current inconsistencies and the failure to resolve them. The truth must be extracted from those at the top by whatever means is allowable at a given moment in time. Until such happens, the fallout from such a horrific event, will only continue to erode the society that suffered from its execution.”

040. "Survival of the species is why mankind's design reflects a million years of genetic engineering. Mankind’s social structures are reflective of our species life span. Most of the problems that we experience are a result of man's inability to, "come to grips", with these two very different time frames. Harmony will be achieved as we come to terms with these differences."

039. "To war and kill in the name of organized religious differences is both stupid and hypocritical, when it is life that allows you to ask any questions in the first place."

038. "Perception is reality in the absence of truth."

037. "Mankind will not go, " the way of the dinosaur", for lack of "the saving" technologies, but for the inability to make money on it, i.e., Capitalism does not bring the best goods and services to market but the ones that make the most money."

036. "Human friendships develop based on a few criteria. Sexual attraction, common interests and amicable personalities are the "attractors" cultivating those friendships. Everything else is a segregator leading to a negative perception, limiting the pool of possible entrants with age and socio-economic status being at the top of the list. The transition from acquaintance to friendship will only happen if the sum total of the attractors exceeds the sum total of the negative perceptions."

035. "Ethics, morality and "doing the right thing", have fallen away in our world because they were never given a currency within capitalism. Government, educational institutions and family were supposed to be the incubators for these constructs. Conflict of interest, financial pressure and population growth have eroded the voluntary offerings from those systems leaving only monetarily survivable decisions and actions."

034. "Potty training, it's not just a goal but a long, long process!!"

033. “Mass media is humanities best joke on itself. No truth or lie can enter unless it serves the monetary interests of the media. This impeccable osmotic distillation of information is slowly transforming society into one monotone shade of Grey, ringing out any truly original idea or creative thought. The irony is that society’s perception of itself, by the numbers, comes from this media. Inevitably, rather than reality creating the perception, the perception ends up creating a new reality, a rather distasteful one, appealing to the lowest common denominator and “base” human psycho-physical responses. No part of our society is immune, be it the government or individuals. This upward expanding spiral will continue until the base can no longer support the cost of its load.”

032. "The capitalist purpose for higher education is to reduce the risk of mistakes by new and untrained employees for business. Businesses over time repay those employees with higher wages and salary's creating the business/education symbiotic relationship."

031. "It is human being's desire to have the truth lie midway between two opposing positions. The facts and true reality most of the time belong on one side or the other. It is this inherent desire that compromises the integrity and erodes the truth within systems, distorting the perception of justice."

030. "Truth is not only the quintessential building block for systems of any kind, but it is the one and only non replaceable element for a society to maintain belief in those systems."

029. "Opinion after the fact is over rated. If someone is really interested in what you think, they will ask you before the decision is made."

028. "Sometimes, mathematics can be wonderfully elegant at expressing solutions for things that will never work."

027. "Music videos. Allot of content, little depth but very enjoyable."

026. "The only way to fail is to give up."

025. "The impossible must be experienced personally."

024. "Making a difference with solar and renewable energy is probably one of the most popular and satisfying topics that people love to talk about, but unless YOU invest in the technology, its just that, talk."

023. I have to put this one as the best answer I've gotten to the coffee question on the Solar Energy Business page. It's not politically correct, but it did give me a good laugh on a stressful day... I will leave the sender as anonymous:
......we maintain a publicly-accessible clearinghouse of technologies and are always looking for new submissions. I encourage you to visit the site at the link below, or go in through the main web link. Please note that a listing does not imply the "endorsement" of any of the firms or technologies.
Re: the coffee question; Jim does not care about the coffee anymore, since he now has the waitress's phone number."

021. "Peer pressure is as much a part of the human animal, as the DNA we are wrapped around."

020. "Freedom is not fully realized until someone in chains passes by."

019. "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those, who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality." Dante

018. "Respect is neither stolen or illusioned, it is only achieved through hard work and professionalism."

017. "Professionalism is a state of mind first, a manner of behavior second and the resulting feeling of self-esteem and respect acquired"

016. "Freedom is inversely proportional to population."

015. "Mother Nature creates the entire global weather phenomena 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, millennium after millennium completely from solar energy. You would think there would be enough there for "MANKIND" wouldn't you?"

014. "Product certifications are the recognition of good design and good engineering, not the design and engineering itself"

013. "Its not a sales pitch, its a perspective!"

012. "Home is a place you can walk into in total darkness and feel familiarity, warmth and acceptance."

011. "The "bottom Line" drive in this country for grid tied PV roll out, is not do to any Green concerns or Environmental movement, but to the power companies desire to reduce their costs for electricity that they have to pay to the major grid providers, during Summer peak demand times"

010. "Television, a wasted medium"

009. "Income is fragile, debt is eternal."

008. "The solution comes up every morning" ASES tagline (American Solar Energy Society)

007. "War, that which mankind professes to hate the most but always manages to obtain".

006. A parable: "A wise man said, I will give you the gift of ignorance. He blind folded and blocked the ears of the man and tied him to the railroad tracks. A wise man said, I will give you the gift of wisdom. He tied the man to the railroad tracks. Surely it is better to be wise than ignorant?"

005. "Religious fanaticism + E=mc2 = Global extinction"

004 "Knowledge stands independent of recognition"

003. "True inventive genius lies in the shadows"

002. "Human adaptability is a double-edged sword. Our body adapts to the continued persistence of a teenager with their first cigarette, as well as the environmental challenges of the past 250,000 years. The question is, will short term ignorant actions prevail over long-term wisdom."

001. "Subsidies for renewable energy have always been targeted at the end consumer. Subsidies for conventional fuels have always been paid to the companies or corporations directly, ergo being embedded in the energy cost without visibility to the consumer. This has given rise to the false idea that renewable energy requires subsidization, where as conventional fuels stand on their own two feet. Not True!!"

Last Updated 5/23/2024

2023 is another PV Record Buster !!


Its official! 2023 is also a PV production record buster. The main tracking array produced 18.887 MWH's which is about 1.1 MWH's less than last year. However, the gorund test array added another 3960 KWH's to that, totaling 22.847MWH's, an increase over last year of 2.249 MWH's total.

UPDATE 6/23: Kia Nero traded in for Kia EV6.


UPDATE 9/22: New 40+ KWH battery backup installed with coming 4.6KW direct feed array. See details under 'My Solar Home', Solar PV.




NIMBY. When is enough, enough!!


 ... and more...











Where to Find Us:

www.WeAreSolar.com (Fitch Consulting)

1072 Fowlersville Rd
Berwick, PA 18603

Phone: 570-752-4827


Email: fcfcfc@pa.metrocast.net


Peak solar production for my house in one day is about 130KWH.

What's New

01/12/2021 My new GEO heat pump is finally installed. I have been "tweeking" it until today, 01/16/2021. It works GREAT!! Unlike it predecessor's, it actually performs up to its submittal sheet. LOVE IT!!

I finally finished my electric overhead to underground conversion along with the transformer upgrade (15KW to 50KW).


May Monthly Production Record  Gets blown away in June at 2517KWH !!


Made changes to my PV tracking system. The main PV inverter was upgraded from an SMA SB-US-8000 to a Fronius Primo 11.4 (11,400 watts). Additionally, the PV arrays were upgraded with 20 SunPower 327 watt modules leaving 16 of the original Canadian Solar 255 watt modules, bringing the total output of the array from 9.18KW to 10.620KW. The combination of the inverter upgrade coupled with the array KW upgrade, should generate an additional 2 to 3 MWH a year. I hope this will compensate for the increased cloudiness being produced by Green House Gas Heating Climate change. It took a fair amount of work to do all this....


UPDATE: All 36 modules are being changed out which will result in an array output of 11,772 KW. On a very sunny year, 20 MWH should be within reach.


PV Yearly Production Numbers


2021 PV Production is 19.325 MWH which just misses the record breaker last year. Across the year, 2021 was much cloudier but crazy super sunny March made it almost even. Since the system has been running, we have produced over 129 MWH's total.


2020 PV Production is  19.375 MWH which is a new record buster.!! The only month that did not gen more than last year was October. Our usage was up due to more driving and general increases, which the increase in production was able to satisfy. That production defers about $2000.00 worth of power from the grid.


2019 PV Production is 16.787 MWH.

2018 PV Production is 12.463 MWH.

2017 PV production is 14.293 MWH.

2016 PV production is 15.629 MWH.

2015 PV production is 14.543 MWH.

2014 PV production is 7.711 MWH, first year partial production. 9.374 MWH were produced through the entire startup test phase of the system before certification.


2019 production was a record breaker, do to the upgrade being active for 1/2 the year along with being decently sunny. Most likely, if the array upgrade had been active for the whole year, 17 or 18 MWH's would have easily been had.


2018 production was the worst production ever, not only for PV but for all solar. The rain and cloud cover was unpresidented! WE blew right through the 13 Megawatt range and landed in the low 12's. An increase in array capacity might be necessary to adapt to the GH GH'ing realities causing climate change, to resore a slight electrical surplus.


2017 production down 1.34 MWH from last year. All months produced less except for December which is the cloudiest month of the year.... Ironic...


Electric  car miles for the fifth year are 15863 saving 690 gallons of gas at an avoided cost of $1932, bringing the five year total to  $9172.00. Covid-19 reduced mileage, but a third car (Bolt) and a third driver beginning in August, over turned the shortfall.


Electric car miles for the forth year are 14037 saving 610 gallons of gas at an avoided cost of $2014.00 bringing the four year total to $7239.00. Gas went up and down over the period.


Electric car miles for the third year are 13,220 saving 575 gallons of gas at an avoided cost of $1955.00 bringing the three year total to $5225.00. Gas prices steadily climbed throughout the year. Total number of gallons not used stands at 1790.


Electric car miles for the second year are 14,830 saving 645 gallons of gas at an avoided cost of $1870.00 bringing the two year total to $3270.00. Not bad for only 2 years at fairly low gas prices...


Electric car miles for the first year ran about 13,000 miles of energy free driving. The gas saved which would have been burned by the car that the Leaf replaced equals about 570 gallons at an avoided gas cost of $1400.00.


Total mileage across the three years equals 41,050 miles. At a gross electric usage of 3 miles per KWH year round, this translates to 13.68 Megawatt hours of electricity, or 4.56 Megawatt hours per year. With the addition of the Ford C-Max plug-in Hybrid over the last year, the total transportation electric load is increased by about 2 megawatt hours more, bringing the household trans electric yearly load to about 6.6 megawatt hours.