Building Envelope

House dimensions are 30'x40'. Basement 8" block, insulation on walls 1-1/2" R11 foam with 3-1/2" or 6" fiberglass batt over foam, total R value R22 to R30. Concrete floor re-done with ceramic tile on top.

First Floor: 2"x4" studs R26 foam, double pane windows with Heat Mirror 88 film and Argon gas. 5/8" drywall, 3/4" CDX underlayment sheathing with Hardy Plank shake random edge siding.

Attic: 2"x6" floor joists, R19 fiberglass batt with old 2" fiberglass underneath, cross studded with 2"x4" lumber with blown in cellulose insulation, total R value ~R34, 1/2 plywood flooring.

Roof redone with white metal to lower attic temps in expectation of a warmer and warmer climate.

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What's New

Bumper sticker !!!


2016 PV production is in !! 15.629 MWH.


Electric car miles for the second year are 14,830 saving 645 gallons of gas at an avoided cost of $1870.00 bringing the two year total to $3270.00. Not bad for only 2 years at fairly low gas prices...


Electric car miles for the first year ran about 13,000 miles of energy free driving. The gas saved which would have been burned by the car that the Leaf replaced equals about 570 gallons at an avoided gas cost of $1400.00.