Solar PV

9180 watts of PV is being installed. It will be in the form of 6 trackers with 6 - 255 watt panels mounted. The trackers are East/West tracking but are custom made by myself. They will not accomplish the East/West movement by rotation but by "tipping" from side to side much like polar sat tracking. The main grid tie inverter is a Sunnyboy 8000US with a Schneider Electric XW6048 Inverter/Charger for backup and off-grid operation. 16 Trojan T105's with 4 additional Power Battery gel/AGM added in parallel for a total of 32 KWH capacity. System is currently in development but expected to be completed by Spring.

System certified on 6/18/2014

As of 7/30/2014, last day we had a net use of power from the grid was 6/12/2014.

This is the graph for my PPL electric bill July 2014. A cool and cloudy Summer so far. Went up to August 11 from June 12th without a net daily elect pull from the grid. 8/12 was a dark cloudy rainy day. Only gened 5.01 KWH. Pulled 15KWH from the grid.... The 13th was back to "normal" production.

First three trackers active. Peak output so far, 4482W with a cloud edge. Best day was Sat at 36.5KWH. Now, three more to go...


All six trackers now active. Had a "cloud" pop that would have taken in 11 KW if the inverter could have handled it!! Best day at 50% production was 48KWH. Based on that, I would expect my best day going forward to be reaching for 100KWH. Will not occur in Summer, too warm. Probably will happen in MArch aor April on a cold clear PSD. WIll post updated monthly electric bill grapth soon.

Main power wall with all equipment.

Trojan 48VDC battery bank.

First 3 tracking poles of 6.

String of 9 on ground for testing. Enabled all equipment setup and operational testing. System is currently active at about 10% to 15% of total expected capacity.

Wireless weather station for wind and other parameters. Station is Vantage Vue. Height is 28 feet above ground.

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2017 PV production is 14.293 MWH.

2016 PV production is 15.629 MWH.

2015 PV production is 14.543 MWH.

2014 PV production is 7.711 MWH, first year partial production. 9.374 MWH were produced through the entire startup test phase of the system before certification.


2017 production down 1.34 MWH from last year. All months produced less except for December which is the cloudiest month of the year.... Ironic...


Electric car miles for the third year are 13,220 saving 575 gallons of gas at an avoided cost of $1955.00 bringing the three year total to $5225.00. Gas prices steadily climbed throughout the year. Total number of gallons not used stands at 1790.


Electric car miles for the second year are 14,830 saving 645 gallons of gas at an avoided cost of $1870.00 bringing the two year total to $3270.00. Not bad for only 2 years at fairly low gas prices...


Electric car miles for the first year ran about 13,000 miles of energy free driving. The gas saved which would have been burned by the car that the Leaf replaced equals about 570 gallons at an avoided gas cost of $1400.00.


Total mileage across the three years equals 41,050 miles. At a gross electric usage of 3 miles per KWH year round, this translates to 13.68 Megawatt hours of electricity, or 4.56 Megawatt hours per year. With the addition of the Ford C-Max plug-in Hybrid over the last year, the total transportation electric load is increased by about 2 megawatt hours more, bringing the household trans electric yearly load to about 6.6 megawatt hours.